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The Major Grahm Band was originally formed in the summer of 1982.  MGB released three singles and an album between 1983-1985. The singles Just Ain’t Fair, Jack Daniels and My Minds on Someone Else all had regional commercial success. Just Ain’t Fair peaked at #2, Jack Daniels #5 and My Minds on Someone Else hit at #7 on regional countdowns.

MGB won the Dodge Wrangler Country Showdown regions in 1983 and continued to play different venues with other bands and headlined through 1988. 

Members of MGB reunited in 2012 and recorded the album “Hard Rain Coming” during 2013. The album was released in January of 2014. The album “Hard Rain Coming” has been sold in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The album Hard Rain Coming is considered an “Indie” success by sales and MGB music subscribers from all over the world. The band has been humbled by the support of fans, their reviews, and logistics of sales and support. 

MGB music can be streamed, downloaded, and purchased through several media sites including I-Tunes, Amazon Music, CD Baby, Number One Music, Reverbnation, and many other media sites.  You can follow MGB real time updates through the Major Grahm Band Facebook page.